The track plan for the yard in Thurmond is a very close copy

of the proto type with East and West bound main lines and station depot siding

The loop creek branch line is in the right place and joins the main lines at the correct place

The plan allows for continuous loop running with Thurmond

on one side of the layout and Mt Hope on the other

There is a loads in empties out operations feature between the mine on one side of the mountain and the power plant on the other side

There is also a station in Mt Hope with a 2 car local making 6 trips per day between Thurmond and Mt Hope

Also a commissary  a small Mfg and a cattle feed lot

 This early construction photo shows the Thurmond Yard tracks which closely follow the proto type

except for the stub end Rip track on the far right side added for extra car and loco storage

note the mirror at the end that helps the illusion that the tracks continue

 Here's a later view of the same yard tracks this shows the competition of the freight house behind the Thurmond depot at the top of the photo the bunk house in front of the Rip track on the right edge

The ash pit on the rip track, the switchmans shanty and the engine oil and supply building just ahead of the engine house all ballast has been added as has foliage and trees

 A view of crossing the loop creek branch bridge and passing by the miners row houses on the right and the south side Jct freight house on the left

 A view of the mine and branch line as it passes thru the tunnel after passing the flag stop at Glenn Jean

This is at the top of the track plan drawing

 A view of Mt Hope (the right side of the track plan drawing) showing the power plant at the top left of the

photo the passenger station in the middle and the commissary at the bottom right along with the Jct where the 2 main lines converge into a single main passing thru Mt Hope with a short runaround track in front of the"Dun Rovin" hotel

The coaling tower is on the team tracks on the left edge

 A view looking toward the bottom of the Mt Hope side of the

track plan showing the cattle feed lot the Mt State Hard wood

Mfg on the left with the mirror on the wall and the main line Jct

 A View looking accross the bottom of the track plan drawing toward the coaling tower in Thurmond

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