The layout took 4 years to build and is a recreation of the interchange of the loup creek branch line and the C&O main line at Thurmond WVA

Here are some early construction photos

 Some Recent photos

 Below is the coaling tower at Thurmond

Below is the tree hit by lighting and the  Thurmond Commissary/Post Office in the back ground

Below an early view of he mine before foliage and equipment was added

Below is a view of  the mine after foliage and equipment has been added

Below is a car puller i just installed

 Below is Mt State Hardwood in the back ground  with the cattle feed lot accross the road and the bait camp in the lower right of the picture

Below is a river scene

Below An H-5 crossing the bridge

Thurmond Engine House

Miners Row Houses

H-8 Crossing the New River Bridge

Picking up passengers at the ThurmondDepot

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