Welcome to the C&O New River Subdivision

The C&O New River Subdivision  models the C&O Rail Road in 1955 in south central West Virginia around the town of Thurmond, West Virginia.
. It follows the C&O prototype including the track plan, structures and operations for the C&O serving Thurmond.

Additionally, the C&O 
New River Subdivision also models the loup creek branch line which joins the C&O main lines at the junction just west of the Thurmond depot
The C&O  New River Subdivision has continuous loop operations and serves Thurmond on one side and Mt Hope on the other.

The C&O 
New River Subdivision operations includes both freight and passenger services.  The industries being serviced include:
•    in and out coal operations with a mine on one end and a power plant on the other (Loads in Empties out )
•    both local and intercity service for a commissary, small manufacturing and cattle feed lot

And passenger service includes daily through service for the C&O’s Sportsman , George Washington and Fast Flying Virginian ( FFV) service serving Cincinnati and Newport News VA which also services Thurmond. Plus a local  2 car passenger service between Mt Hope and Thurmond which makes six daily runs.

Thank you for enjoying my railroad!

 The depot area at Thurmond looked like this in 1935  Things are not much  different today except for the presence of

To  See Photos of my layout click here

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